HSBB vs Plains 1/22. 2:30-1/2 Game Boys JV 3:30 - Varsity Boys 6:00 - JV Girls 7:30 - Varsity Girls
6 months ago, Jesse Allan
How Do You Open Presents? Check out the latest Christmas blog post from our very own Andrew Sanford. https://sanfordandrew.wixsite.com/tigertalks
8 months ago, Michael Cooper
6th Grade off to an amazing start in Hour of Code!
8 months ago, Michael Cooper
Starting December 7th, St Regis School back to In-Person learning.
8 months ago, Michael Cooper
I-90 is closed from St Regis to the state line. The school will keep any West End Halftime Kindergartners at school with a staff member until the road opens. The situation will be monitored and plans made in case the road stays closed when school is out. Wreckers have been dispatched.
8 months ago, Michael Cooper
Good morning, students! We hope you're prepared for the opening of deer season!
10 months ago, Joe Steele
A pile of colorful chalk on a black background.
Tamara Durovey!! Thank you for these amazing Senior parent pins!! I already gave out the volleyball one which is super awesome. Volleyball Senior Night tonight and Football tomorrow.
11 months ago, St Regis School District
Senior parent pins