A Letter from Utah

8/29/22, 7:06 AM 

Dear Mr. Ball,

We are Mr. and Mrs. Smith (names changed). We live in Riverton, Utah. We travel in an RV and have stayed in the beautiful town of St Regis on 3 or 4 occasions. We have logged approximately 100,000 miles on various RVs throughout our retired years and, as you can imagine have been in many towns and RV parks. The town of St Regis is one of our top 3. On Friday the 26th of August we were sitting in the restaurant next to the Conoco Phillips eating. When much to our delight came a parade as beautiful and genuine as we have ever witnessed. Perhaps possibly the shortest parade we have ever watched, but that took nothing away from the spirit and purpose of the event. We are so grateful for witnessing this event. We believe we saw “America The Beautiful” in action. We later could not resist going to the game. 

The story behind the number of players, the rivalry between St Regis and Superior, and the 8-on-8 play just added to the beauty of our experience. But the all-out effort of the players and the support was equally impressive.  In our hearts, there was not a losing team that night. The team, the school, and the town were all winners. And we are the biggest winners of all. We will never forget that afternoon and evening. 

Thank you, students, parents, and the town for being the highlight of our entire trip. 


Mr. and Mrs. Smith (names changed)  of Riverton, Utah