Friday School

K-6 21st Century Friday programs are available on a sign-up basis just like the afterschool program. Kids have the opportunity to catch up on work as well as participating in other programming similar to the afterschool program. Breakfast and lunch are included.

Grades 7-12 Friday school is highly encouraged for students that need more time for completion. A little extra time in a focused environment with some staff ready to assist with homework may be just what a student needs to catch up with past due assignments, do some extra work to raise a grade, or to work ahead so that a planned absence does not require much catch-up when the student returns to school.

There are many reasons why a student might find this time helpful, but many students have used this time to avoid the need for summer school or to make-up for missing credits. Breakfast and lunch are provided during this time so that students are well-fed as they tackle work that would normally have to be completed during the weekend or left until the next week, thus delaying academic progress from week to week.

*This is a structured time and restrictions on possible distractions such as music and cell phones are in place depending on individual student needs as determined by the instructor. Seating assignments may also be used to increase the productivity of individual students or groups. The goal is to get work done and get ahead so that it is not a required time the next week but useful time whenever a student needs it, or to provide the student with the time to take advantage of other opportunities offered on that day.