E-Sports and Tech Training

Tech and E-Sports

3 students worked in the beginnings of an internship process with the St. Regis ISP out of the community center.

Computer Programming (Tiger Tech Team)

  1. Student A has completed the CodeHS Java programming course and has a certificate

  2. Student B is still working on Java programming course

  3. Student C is not certified but did learn Blender enough to create a project that won first in State and competed at Anaheim in BPA.

  4. Student D completed his Cyber Security college class 

      The Tiger Tech Team also worked on 30 work requests.

  • Organized the Tech Room

  • Get the 3D Printer working

  • Wiped and removed tags and stickers from obsolete computers

  • Helped Teachers with Printer connection issues

  • Added Ram and a new SSD to approximately 30 laptops which will be for students

  • Added Ram and a new SSD to 15 laptops that will work for E-sports


  • In its inaugural year, the e-sports team began competing in the second semester through a program established at the University of Montana.

    • MHSA failed to move this into their regular extracurricular list by a narrow margin and is expected to be an MHSA extracurricular within the next few years.

    • Our E-Sports team is following the guidelines established for participation in other sports.

    • College scholarships for these students are available and the instructor is dedicated to making sure that these students have a good shot at these monies.

    • Practices are coordinated by the instructor and by the University of Montana for some larger events.