• Business Professionals of America, or BPA, is an organization for High School Students to prepare themselves to take a part in a workforce or business setting after they graduate. BPA teaches students to use their time wisely, and learn valuable work ethics. In BPA, students have the opportunity to compete in areas that they either are interested in, or they recognize that they need to improve upon. The organized, scheduled atmosphere is ideal to cultivate self-confidence, and inspires students to go even farther.

BPA 2016

  • Statesman Torch Award

    BPA members are busy fundraising for Nationals! Because of the success at the state competition, 8 members now have the opportunity to compete at the National level. The contest will take place in Orlando, Florida, on May 9th through the 15th. Courtney Cheesman, Jasmine Jones, Madison Hill, Anna Sanford, Madison Kelly, Emma Hill, Makynna Lowry, and Ian Ferris are all competitors. Any contributions to these students will be greatly appreciated. To donate, contact our Chapter Advisor, Mr. Chad Eichenlaub, for information regarding donations and fundraisers. He can be reached through his school email, eichenlaubc@stregis.k12.mt.us. Our current fundraiser is selling raffle tickets for a fly fishing trip with our local guide, Brooks Sanford. Tickets are $20 each, and can be obtained through any of the students listed above. Wish us luck!

    The St. Regis Business Professionals of America Chapter is very excited about starting its new community service project. Recently, the BPA chapter has researched financial literacy programs for elementary students and was inspired by Moonjar who promotes this concept.  

    Managing income, expenses, and savings is a life skill that our organization strongly believes needs to start at an early age. This year, the St. Regis BPA chapter is comprised of 13 ambitious students who are planning a new and exciting community service project that will provide students and parents with the skills needed for financial success. Our plan is to provide savings jars, called Moonjars, for elementary students that will teach children how to spend, save, and share their money. The students will each be given materials to make a Moonjar with three compartments; Share, Spend, and Save. The members of the BPA chapter will partner with the elementary students to teach them these important life skills.

    Moonjars encourage children to visualize their dreams by implementing skills needed to Share, Save, and Spend their money responsibly while furthering youth financial literacy. This project will allow students to get a hands-on experience with money and also start budgeting for their future. Moonjars are a financial literacy tool that allows budgeting skills to be taught to children and give families an opportunity to have conversations about managing money. 

    The program will allow BPA members to help younger students understand the concept of managing money by first reading a book that tells a story with cartoon characters. The illustrated book is an effective way of teaching children in grades K-2 as it highlights specific emotions and behaviors of the characters while completing that Share, Spend, and Save activities. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to make their Moonjars. These jars will be sent home for the children to use as they start to budget for the future. It is our hope that once students start to incorporate money management skills into their lives, their parents will utilize this opportunity to have additional conversations about personal finance. 

    If you have any questions about this project that our chapter will be completing, please contact Mr. Eichenlaub by phone at (406) 649-2311 or email at eichenlaubc@stregis.k12.mt.us. 


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