• Hello Fans and Parents of St Regis Tigers!


    Administration is busy defining college and career readiness and what that means for our students. I currently have a draft version of a College and Career Readiness Handbook that is being editted by the CTE advisory committee, comprised of parents and business owners, and our staff. The school board is also getting involved at the January meeting to provide their vision of what college readiness is. Once completed, the handbook will be provided students and parents as a tool to better understand what they need to do to prepare for college. The checklist provides specific guidance starting at grade 7 and going through the senior year. The handbook should be a valuable tool to both students and parents.

    In addition, I am working on a draft version of a career readiness handbook that will be similar to the college handbook. The career handbook will focus on pathways students can take to enter vocational schools and develop career skills while at St Regis. This handbook will provide guidance starting in grade 7 through the senior year on classes to take, extended learning experiences available, and daily work experiences. The Employability Scale is a key factor in career readiness, as there is a direct correlation between punctuality and assignment completion in school to punctuality and work task completion in the work place. Student Employability Scores are available now and provides a look at whether the student has the soft employment skills necessary to be a good employee. These skills include things like attending school daily, being on time, turning in assignments on or before due dates, and missing assignments.

    Another part of this handbook is defining the classes that will make up a career pathway. This will be classes offered here to learn skills, like carpentry, welding, computer programming, and dual credit classes offered online by colleges to give our students a head start in college. We are also planning opportunities for students to gain deeper understanding of a career field and hands-on experience through programs that colleges offer during the summer and that could help prepare students for certification testing. In addition, we are putting together a work experience program to allow students to develop skills under the tutelage of a work mentor.  This book will also be a valuable tool for students and parents.

    There is a lot happening here to improve the education we provide our students. Once these things are in place, there is no reason our students should not graduate St Regis High School without being truly ready for college or career!