• Welcome Back!!

    Welcome back to school and WELCOME to St Regis School Ag/ FFA/ VocEd! I am so excited that I was selected to continue on the education and traditions of the St Regis School Ag and FFA program and I can't wait to get started in sharing that excitement with St Regis students. This year we will continue to grow in our knowledge of the agriculture industry and trade as well continue to grow in the education and tradition of FFA. Courses available this year include Ag Science, Ag Mechanics, Ag Carpentry, Welding I, Ag Communications, and Food Science. Students will gain content knowledge in the area of interest, but also take part in hands on projects in realistic scenarios and in real life and real time. All classes will take ownership in the school "farm" and be expected to help with animal care, farm maintenance, grounds keeping, cleaning and expanding our small farm. This includes the animals, garden, greenhouse and compost pile. We will also stress the importance of maintaining a tidy and organized shop area and work space as well as maintenance and care of our tools and equipment of the trade. All classes will take part in FFA, gaining knowledge and experience that can take to competition throughout the school year. 
    About Me!
    Many of you know me from my days of substitute teaching, bus driving, DI advising and general chasing my own children around the school. But prior to all of that fun... I did once go to college at the University of Montana, Missoula. I earned my degree in Music Education (yes you read that right!) in 1999 (you read that right too!), but life took me in a different path than teaching music. My family and I moved to SE Washington where we started a little hobby farm on 2.5 acres. At first, our little hobby was just meant to provide some extra food and chores, but it grew ...and grew... and grew... until one day we found ourselves on 30 acres raising upwards of 4000 chickens, 250 turkeys and about 40 pigs every year! (and three kids, 2 dogs, lots of cats and a cow or two and, at times, a goat or more) We even became a state licensed poultry processing facility which gave us the ability to process our own chicken and turkey and sell at farmers markets or restaurants or grocery stores (which we did all three). We also sold at 5 local farmers markets, one of which we owned and operated.
    Eventually, life led us back to Montana and planted us here in St Regis so I started figuring out how I could put that degree that I had earned to use. I found out that all of those years of chasing pigs, collecting eggs, building shelters, administering vaccinations, shoveling poop, shoveling poop and shoveling poop, along with the education I had already received, indeed  provided me with the opportunity to become your next AG teacher!!!  So with that I say again... welcome to my classroom and I look forward to working with all of the students and their parents this year!
    As always... GO TIGERS!!!