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St. Regis School District

Creating Learners and Leaders for Life

     Science is a class that looks at life and the earth, the sky and the universe.  We study each subject in Science with objectivity and diligence.  Knowing our subject well and collecting data to substantiate our findings, is essential to becoming a scientist. 
  • We have a full room this year with students and fish.  
  • We will be adding more animals as Biology and Life Science begin to transform their aquariums into Biomes, suitable for the animals they have chosen.  
  • After School we have begun setting up all of the Flight simulators for students who want to learn to fly.  
  • We have been playing Chess and are getting ready to build Robots.  
  • Our Wildlife students are off to Glacier National Park in mid September and hike to Avalanche Lake with Park Rangers.  
  • We have a Fishery Biologist coming to shock fish in a few weeks.
  • The Weather Balloon will be flying soon.
  • We hope to have a Survivor Camp this year in October.
  • Look out Yellowstone, we are hoping to visit and camp, in this wonderful National Park
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