About Me (Mrs. Kelly)

    I received my education right here in Montana from Paradise Grade School to Plains High School to University of Montana:  Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, Spanish Endorsement (K-12).  
    A native Montanan, I have a great appreciation for our beautiful state yet have always been interested in worlds beyond.  
    I understand the difficulties in learning another language, yet remain fascinated by the puzzle of grammar and unending possibilities of vocabulary.  And, of course, the opportunities that come along with culture are endless.  
     ¡Vamos a aprender! ...Español
     From "Don Quijote de La Mancha" to "Carnaval", we are bringing World Languages home to St. Regis, Montana.  And from Venezuela, to Peru, to Brazil as we have "skyped" with Spanish speakers and learners from each of those locations.  As we progress through the year, we realize that vocabulary and grammar are tools to use in communication with worlds beyond.  We enjoy learning about Spanish culture through crafts and cooking.  Foreign Language Days at the University of Montana and a field trip to an authentic Mexican restaurant are some highlights of our school year.  Through culture and language, students learn about a world outside of their own, yet not so far away that they can't relate to it.  Technology brings us closer and we have found that "Todos sonreímos en el mismo idioma."  (We all smile in the same language.)

                                                                               Welcome to Spanish Class where the world is the limit!                                                                
                                                                                                     Image result for vex robotics images 
    Welcome to Robotics class --another new world with endless possibilities!  Students in Grades 6-8 get to participate in a great program provided through Project Lead The Way.  Students learn about the different types of mechanical gears and how to apply them to solve real-world problems.  We learn to use the Design Process that Engineers use in their inventions and innovations.  Students also learn how to keep an Engineering notebook with their Notes, Designs, and Best Works neatly organized.  I am excited to bring a new focus to our program... Competitions!  Please join me as we explore the classroom competitions!  We have so much to learn, so lets get started.  See you soon.