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  • Parent Teacher Conferences!

    Posted by Jarvis Laura at 10/9/2016


    This week St. Regis School had parent teacher conferences.  I was excited to share good news and resources with parents.  Each family was given an activity to work on with their students that will help improve skills.  What an awesome opportunity!  If you finish or complete your resources, please give me a shout and I would be happy to gather more for you.  Parental involvement is a huge factor in student success!


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  • Party!

    Posted by Jarvis Laura at 9/28/2016


    I am proud to announce that the 4th grade class earned their first Ticket Party today!  Students worked hard to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  We celebrated by watching a movie and having snacks.  Keep up the fantastic work, 4th grade!

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  • Student of the Month--Jordain Crane

    Posted by Jarvis Laura at 9/19/2016

    This month Jordain Crane was recognized for showing outstanding perseverance!  Jordain has a 'never quit' attitude and keeps on chugging even when she is feeling frustrated.  Good work, Jordain!

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  • Spirit Week!

    Posted by Jarvis Laura at 9/18/2016

    This week the Tiger football team will play their homecoming game!  In order to encourage Tiger Spirit, students and staff will have the opportunity to demonstrate their Tiger Pride each day.  Here is a breakdown of the week:  


    Monday: Patriotic Day
    Tuesday: Squad Day (i.e. group up with people to form a box of crayons, group of oompa loompas, parts of a cheeseburger, etc.)
    Wednesday: Mythology Day (Folklore, Greek gods/goddesses, Heroes/Legends)
    Thursday: Grease (the movie) / 1970s
    Friday: Green & Gold Day
    Please help your student to show their Tiger Spirit by dressing for each day :D
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  • Fall is in the air!

    Posted by Jarvis Laura at 9/11/2016

    4th grade was a hot spot of learning last week!  In Math, we dove into reading and writing numbers into the millions period which was a struggle for many students.  Students used this as a test of perseverance and did quite wonderful!  We got into the full swing of Walk to Read and Walk to Math last week.  This week we are excited to start our intervention groups!  In science, we are continuing to explore animal and plant adaptations and will soon be beginining our first project of the year in which students create an animal with adaptations.


    There are many exciting things happening in 4th grade this year!  If you would like to visit the classroom, we would love to have you as a volunteer.  Please contact me at jarvisl@stregis.k12.mt.us to schedule a time :)

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  • A New Week

    Posted by Jarvis Laura at 9/6/2016

    We are a masterpiece!



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  • Whats new?

    Posted by Jarvis Laura at 9/4/2016

    Last week in:

    Science--We started learning about classifying plants and animals.  Next we move into animal adaptations!

    Reading--How can we be creative problem solvers?  We read stories about how to solve problems in new and exciting ways.  Students learned about creating complete sentences, sequencing, and making predictions based on evidence.

    Mentoring--We worked at learning each others names and discussed the importance of setting goals.  Students began setting goals for the school year.

    Social Studies--Students are working on their first project of the year involving the symbols of Montana.

    Other News--

    • Besides a few make-up tests, we have finished our first round of MAPS testing!  Students will use their data to set goals for the school year.  
    • Math and Reading will begin in full force this week!
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