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  • More To High School Than You Think.

    Posted by Elizabeth Nelson on 11/4/2020

    All photos taken by Elizabeth Nelson from Digital Media Class (October 2020)

    Collaborative Work

    You get help by other students and are in a class together.



    Student Focus

    You also get time to work on things that need to be done such as power focus.



    Students at play

    While you have to work there are days where you can have fun playing board games.



    Fun in Class

    You will always get to have fun in class with your classmates.  As long as your work is done.



    Every Class is Different

    You will always find something interesting in every class you take.

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  • Lady Tigers Dance Their Way to Victory

    Posted by Michael Cooper on 10/23/2020

    By Andrew Sanford


    Thursday night the Lady Tigers made the short trip over to Plains for some exciting high school volleyball. The Lady Tigers made it clear that they were there to win after beating the Plains Trotters 25-17 in the first match. The second match reflected the first as the Lady Tigers snagged another quick and resounding win. The fans in the stands anticipated a similar conclusion to the third match, but the Trotters had something else in mind. The Trotters managed to rope in wins for the third and fourth matches, but this did not faze the Lady Tigers. The Lady Tigers were all smiles and proceeded to dance on the court in between matches, win or lose, and during timeouts.


    As the fifth match started the Lady Tigers carried the sass of their dance onto the court and snuffed out the Trotters short lived rally, taking home their second season victory. After the game there was more dancing to be done by the Lady Tigers in celebration of their win. Dance moves performed by the Lady Tigers included the worm, along with some moonwalking. Fans of the Lady Tigers should expect more wins accompanied by more dance moves for future games. 


    Thursday night was the Lady Tigers last regular season volleyball game. Next week on Tuesday the 27th, the Lady Tigers take on the Clarkfork Mountain Cats in Superior for their first district tournament game. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. but due to COVID-19 restrictions, only parents/family members with passes will be allowed to attend the event.


    Have a great weekend and GO TIGERS!






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  • COVID‌ ‌Waiting‌ ‌Game‌ ‌at‌ ‌St.‌ ‌Regis‌ ‌Schools‌

    Posted by Michael Cooper on 10/15/2020 1:00:00 AM


    By Andrew Sanford


    St. Regis School District received notification that as of Oct 12, no students who have been tested for Covid have a positive result. Six potentially exposed students were contacted by the health department on Oct 8 and quarantined until Oct 21.  Two students are being tested oct 12, and the results are expected the next day. 

     “The results of the tests will ultimately decide whether or not we shut down the entire school, or maybe just the secondary school, but we’re hoping not to close the school at all.” Superintendent Joe Steele stated. “For now though, it’s just a waiting game.” 

    The school was notified of a staff member’s positive test on Oct. 8. Even though the staff member has not been in school since Oct. 6, St. Regis School administration is taking all the necessary measures to maintain the safety of their students and other staff. 

     “Once we received word that the staff member’s test came back positive we followed protocol and contacted the Mineral County Health Department.” Steele said. “They asked me to go over the staff member’s classroom layout which included seating arrangements for all classes that the staff member teaches. From here the Mineral County Health Department contacted the families of certain students who needed to quarantine and in turn get tested .”  

    One of the precautions was to close the half-time kindergarten class as both adults in the classroom have children who have been quarantined.

    St. Regis K-12 is a small school, and now that one of its occupants has tested positive for COVID-19 the impact could be devastating. Steps have been taken by the School District  to combat a potential outbreak. These steps include opening windows for increased ventilation, using HEPA air purifiers in all classrooms, and nightly sanitizing of the entire school. Students are also temperature checked and provided hand sanitizer before entering the building or getting on a bus. Even with all these precautions, potential closure of the school is still on the mind of most students.  Friday afternoon Superintendent Steele expressed the importance of keeping the school open. 


    “We know we need to keep the school open,” Steele said. “Our students need face-to-face education that distanced learning cannot provide.” 


    -- 30 --

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