4 Day School Week w/ the 5th Day Option

St. Regis Family,

Several weeks ago the school board voted and approved a 4-day school week w/ a 5th-day option.   Although we are still working on procedures and policies for this, there are some things that we do know and would like to communicate with you.

1.  Students who master (C's or better) their classes are not required to attend school on those Fridays.  Those who are not mastering their classes will have to attend Friday school from 8-12.  A failure to show up to Friday school will result in detentions the following week.  

2. Fridays are not only designed to pass classes but also for career-type workshops, this can include welding, framing, plumbing, banking, nursing, etc.  On Fridays, we will also encourage students to "job shadow".   Our counselor and Gear Up personnel will assist in this process.  Elementary students can also receive skill development/enrichment classes on  Fridays as well.

3.  Teachers/coaches/advisors will be encouraged to have field trips, games, and meetings on Fridays.  Although we can't schedule every trip, game, or meeting on a Friday, the goal is to not interfere with the academic time Monday through Thursday.

4.  Transportation will be provided on Fridays as well as snacks for the students.  

5.  The pay to run a workshop is $22/hr.   Our Transformational Learning Grant, Gear Up Grant, and 21st Century Grant will be paying for the services on Fridays.

6.  More information will follow once everything is set into place.  A community meeting is expected to take place in May sometime to outline our vision.  If you have a "skill" that you would like to teach or maybe demonstrate for some of our students, please contact Mr. Larson or Mr. Ball at 406-649-2311.