BPA State Results

It is with great pride to announce that every single St Regis BPA member qualified for the National Leadership Conference this year. Normally, this would mean boarding a flight to Disney World in sunny Orlando Florida, however this year, it means sitting behind a computer in (hopefully sunny) St Regis.

  • Andrew Sanford: 7th Legal Office Procedures
  • Jake Lohman: 4th SQL Database
  • Baylee Pruitt: 3rd ICD-10-CM Medical Diagnostic Coding (600-S)
  • Macy Hill: 5th Presentation Management
  • Ben Lohman: 2nd SQL Database
  • Carter Jasper: 8th Banking and Finance
  • Jack Connolly: 1st C++ Programming, 1st Python Programming, 1st SQL Database, and 1st Interview skills

Special shoutout to Jack Connolly. Not only did he win every event he entered (this could be the first time in Montana BPA history), but he won Interview Skills, which has the most contestants of any judged event at Montana BPA! 

Also a special shoutout to Macy Hill. For the second year in a row, St Regis will be represented on the State Officer Team. Macy was elected to fill the role of Vice President of the Montana BPA. 

Congratulations Macy, Jack, and all BPA members on a very successful year so far.

Now on to Disney World... virtually.