Counseling services available Monday to address tragedy

St Regis Schools will have numerous counselors available during the school day Monday to visit with any student, parent or community member who needs to process and grief the tragedy that unfolded in our community shooting that claimed the lives of two of our students Saturday afternoon.

 Staff members will be allowing any student who needs time to process the events to visit with a counselor. I ask that any parents or community members who need to visit with a counselor to discuss how to address the tragedy with their children to check in with the front office.

 As much as possible, classrooms will run normally as we know that a familiar routine can provide a sense of safety and comfort to many of our students. Counselors will be on hand in the impacted classrooms to provide support to students and staff as needed.

 St Regis is a small community and tragedies like this touch each of us personally. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family during this very difficult time.