Play outside is entertaining with the chickens.  One youngster said there were, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5...Three" chickens outside.  We have also got plenty of worms and slugs complete with names.   The box fairy left us more of these and you can't believe how laughter erupts after building a cardboard tower and letting it tip over on yourselves.  Picture day had a little one who seriously informed everyone that he "brought his smile" for the day.  Accidents happen but it is sweet when a little guy says, "Oh sorry, I will kiss it better!" and gently kisses his friend on the head.  As I searched through a craft box, my little inventor found some dog ears and "they are just too cozy" so he had to wear them to breakfast.  And finally, when 4 girls all wear blue shirts they are automatically best friends for the whole day!  I have the best job in the school! 
     Ollie-dog    blue girls
    More treats when interviewing children this week.  The question is; what is mommy's name and what is daddy's name.  Several say their mommy and daddy are named "Mommy and Daddy, just Mommy and Daddy."  Then after giving only first names one little guy informed me that their last name was "Everywhere."  One little sweetheart has has a daddy that is called "Teddy Bear!" Trying to get to middle names, I asked what does Mommy call you when she is mad?  "Stinkpot!"  Going for town and state, I have a little one who lives "At the dirt road where the bumps are."  I love this job!
     OH what a sweet,sweet girl who is confused when the teacher says her letter is M.  "No teacher, my mom says it is 4!"
    "Yes, you are 4 years old sweetheart, your number is 4, but your name letter is M."  There are sometimes tears in learning ;)
    We got a new and awesome globe in our room in the form of a beach ball.  Try as I might, I could not get any air to go inside.  This sweet guy said "Let me try McLinden" and blew up the whole thing before school even got started!

    What a helper!

    The best part of being the teacher this week
    was all the hugs from last year's class and this year's class too!
    Even better was when one sweet little guy patiently buttoned all the tiny buttons on my sweater
    because he didn't want me to get cold!