• Parents and Students,
    I would first like to start off how excited I am to start here at St. Regis. I grew up in Columbus MT and was all about sports when I was there. I love the coaching aspect that comes along with teaching, and will be the head Jr. High football coach along with the High School assistant boys basketball coach. I approach the classroom with a coaches mentality. For example, a basketball coach can't just stand and tell a player how to dribble. He or she must break it down step by step using hands on demonstrations, allow the kids to try it and be challenged, and then fine tune those skills as the year progresses. That's the same philosophy I have in my Classroom. 
    With that being said, my classroom will not be my lecturing your kids on content, giving them homework, and then testing them later. It will consist of Student based learning, which means the students and I will collaborate on problems and try to think of ways to solve them. It will be very much student led learning. I will always challenge the students to take risks and let them struggle, then look back and see how we can fix or solve the problem.
    Students will develop a growth mindset in my classroom. This means a student who doesn't know the answer to a problem, doesn't know the answer to that problem YET. A growth mindset challenges students to work through adversity rather than constantly asking the teacher for help. They will use resources and strategies that I give them to try and figure out the problem. 
    I encourage you to click here to watch a video on what personalized learning looks like to get a feel of what will be going on in our classroom.
    Parents- If you ever want to get involved in the content that we are learning in class and want ways to help your student at home. Khan Academy is a great way to brush up on stuff you may not have worked on in a long time. Click here to take you to their website. It's very useful, and free!
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
    Email- yeagert@stregis.k12.mt.us